October 26th, 2011-
The Flight of Sleipnir now has a bandcamp page, make sure you check it out here - http://theflightofsleipnir.bandcamp.com/
Also we will be playing the Denver Doom Fest on December 3rd with Velnias, Royal Talons, and Stoic Dissention to just name a few. We will be playing "Algiz+Berkanan" all the way through for this one. For more info you can check out the facebook page here - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=249814988365848
May 04, 2011-
We have two shows coming up in June for the Summer Solstice. They are as follows-
June 18th
Old Curtis Street Bar 2100 Curtis Street Denver, CO
Summer Solstice show with The Flight Of Sleipnir, Royal Talons, Stoic Dissention, and The Xiphoid Process. 21+ 5$
Flyer by Peter Slivkanch - MMXI
June 25th
Plan B 1305 SE 8th Ave Portland OR
Summer Solstice show with The Flight of Sleipnir, Burials, Ealdath, and Merkstave 21+ 6$
Flyer by David Csicsely - MMXI
April 13, 2011-
Here is a new track from our upcoming album "Essence of Nine"
February 24, 2011-
Our new album "Essence of Nine" will be released on Friday May 13th 2011 on Eyes like snow. The album will be released on CD/A5 Digi CD and Vinyl format. Below is the Album art and song info. We are also on a split with Apostle of Solitude and Rituals of the Oak (AU) which will also be released on May 13th. And last but not least, LORE is being re-released through eyes like snow on vinyl this February.

"Essence of Nine"

1. Transcendence
2. Upon This Path We Tread
3. A Thousand Stones
4. As Ashes Rise (The Embrace of Dusk)
5. Nine Worlds
6. Seer In White
7. As Cinders Burn (The Wake of Dawn)
8. The Serpent Ring


1. Apostle of Solitude - This Mania
2. Rituals of the Oak - Hallward
3. The Flight of Sleipnir - A Legacy of Iron
4. Apostle of Solitude - Transgressions
5. The Flight of Sleipnir - Draugr